Development framework for Creative people

Pre-release v0.3.4

Why another framework?

Turn around and look at the state of web design today. If you haven't done much web design work in first half od 2000's, problem is not obvious, but here it is - everything looks the same!

After Apple killed Flash, web development became much harder and now needs extreme efforts to convert good design into a good and usable code, so people turned to frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation to make their life easier, only to be trapped into another problem - they started to use pre-made design elements. Without giving it some thought, their "design" became the same as of everyone else who is using those frameworks!

Nexus framework will try to solve one problem for designers like myself - all the best frontend practices (in my opinion) will be integrated into this framework and will be set to work together, but without design elements. Design challenges are left to designers to solve. In the final version my goal is to make all elements of this framework modular, so that you can with ease add your own or remove those that you don't need. In doing so, designers will be free to dedicate most of their time to design and not to code.

In this stage of development, it will be modified and changed a lot until everything starts to work like a Swiss clock. You can use it, but with care.

I want to put design back into Web design ;)


Nexus framework is currently in alpha version and is far from complete, but with each pre-release version, I am getting closer to V1. These are the main features so far:

All of this works perfectly fine together. It's responsive and fast.


You can download this framework from it's official Github page. For all the latest news, you can follow Facebook page.


My name is Vladimir Jovanović and I am a Full Stack Designer.
You can find me on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Medium. My personal web site is under construction.